various images of me over the years

Born in Southern California within the last eleven months of the "Camelot Era" of American History, I was raised in the Arcadia district of Phoenix, Arizona - with periodic childhood visits to my father's various apartments and homes in the Greater Los Angeles area; most notably Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Encino. Overall though I have spent much of my life in Arizona. Most of my time has been spent in the Phoenix-Scottsdale-Chandler area I've called home. Additionally, I also spent some time living in Mesa, Sedona, and Flagstaff.

Travel, once upon a time, was one of my favorite pass-times. So occasionally I have embarked upon brief journeys across much of the Continental US, and to several distant shores, including Great Britain, Continental Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean, and Eastern Australia. However, as the US banks melted down, and the global economy crashed in `08; I made my way across the US for a new start in Southwestern Vermont.

For about three years, I worked in a salaried supervisory-management-recruiting role. Yet, in the end, change happens. Sometimes those changes are planned, and at other times - not so much. So, in late 2011, with no longer any job to hold me in Vermont, I relocated to Eastern Pennsylvania. For about ten months, the seeds of reinvention were once again beginning to take hold within me, and although the Pennsylvania job market was more promising than Vermont, it still was not nearly lucrative enough to make a go of it from scratch. So, despite the close friendships I renewed, and the many new friends I made; ultimately I had to leave all that behind for my return to Arizona.

Consequently, I regrouped. Having spent the last five years in Arizona updating my web design and digital graphics skills through taking classes part-time at Mesa Community College while I persisted in a contract job (a government - service desk support role). However, management changes happen, and once again this "day job" too, has also ended.

Yes, I was still seeking to find my place in the world that, at the end of the day, insured I had somehow contributed to making the world a bit brighter in a way that only I could accomplish. I felt a certain small sense of that in my last job as a contractor working at the Immigration And Customs Enforcement Service Desk. Yet, my lack of previous military service may have limited both my longevity and promotability there. So, although it was a great learning experience, it wasn't a place where I likely belonged.

After so many unexpected life changes, I've come to the conclusion that I will need to create my own sense of belonging on Earth for myself. Also, I'm not certain when or where I could be moving next, only that I'm quite willing, able, and rather likely to move, again. I could relocate to someplace altogether new, return to a place I've already visited or lived, or I could simply remain in the Southwestern USA, the "back-yard", where I've spent most of my life and have come to know so well.

In any case, my present is an open book I continue to write, and in that book I'll keep writing a future that I strive to create for myself through conscious choices and serendipitous guidance. While no longer just continuing to exist via the usual reactionary circumstances that have bounced me around on the sometimes rough seas of change called life; I won't just persist, but rather I am now beginning to thrive.